To reach those no one is reaching, you have to do the things no one is doing.
– Craig Groeschel



I must have recited the above quote about a thousand times. It sums up so well what City Light is all about. As an urban, mission outreach to the City of Reading, Pennsylvania, we are not at all interested in doing ministry the same way everyone else does ministry.

If it is already being done, why should we do it?

Instead, we put our emphasis into those marginalized by society by reaching out with a less “churchy” approach. Examples of this approach would be our After-School Program that reaches at-risk students on so many different levels by providing a safe place, hot meals, homework center, fun activities, opportunities to interact with positive role models, and learning the Bible all while experiencing the love of Jesus. There are various children, ‘tween’ and teen ministries such as IMPACT 1 Student Ministries where young people can belong then believe.


Our Homeless Programs reach people in desperate times of need. Take a moment to think if you were homeless; where would you shower, keep your things, eat, receive mail, or wash clothes? At City Light we provide these things along with God’s word, HIS love and HIS hope.






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In Service to Our Lord,

Joe Sclafani
Lead Pastor / Executive Director

Founded in 1992, CLM is a faith-based ministry. We are funded by churches, foundations, civic organizations, and businesses. But, the majority of our support comes from individuals that sponsor us on a monthly basis. Please contact us if you wish to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and support us online or by mail. And above all please keep us in your prayers!