Summer Camp Program

The 8-week Summer Camp at the Fortress has become a very popular way for our kids to stay active in a positive, Christian environment throughout the summer. Open to all children and youth, our Summer Program offers kids a free meal, lots of trips, swimming, arts & crafts, Bible devotions, community service opportunities and lots more.

While our kids are having a great time, parents are pleased that their children are off the streets, and in constructive programs. For working parents, Camp provides much needed child care. Once again, Summer Camp wouldn’t be possible without the many quality, dedicated volunteers (most are parents of our campers) who do such a great job!

New for 2017 is the Urban Garden project!

The theme of this summer’s program is about Immigrant Experience and how the diversity of cultures has made us the “melting pot” of the world.  The program integrates history, current events, ethnic cuisine, our urban garden and lots of fun.

A large part of this summer program is our community garden.  We’re teaching young stewards how managing the resources God provides will make a difference in the wellness of our neighbors and each one of us.

Paired with the garden project is a culinary segment, which uses crops from the garden along with culinary demonstrations, preparation of ethnic meals, and more. You can get a taste of our menus here and here!

Interested in making a difference for a child this summer? You can donate here…


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