Homeless Program


Due to the demand for women shelter, we are open for WOMEN ONLY in the warmer months , April through October, FOR OVERNIGHT STAYS. At this time, MEN ARE NOT PERMITTED TO STAY OVERNIGHT.
However both men and women are permit to our Drop-in Center 365 days a year. The Women’s Overnight Shelter opens at 7:00pm every evening. 


Those seeking homeless services must report to our shelter at 246 North Ninth Street ONLY. There are no homeless services at our 940 Spruce Street site.

We can be reached by phone at (484) 869-2126. 


Drop-in Center & Overnight Shelter

Ministry to Those Without a Home.

LORD, through all generations YOU have been our home.   Psalm 90:1

 Our DROP-IN CENTER Everyday of the year from 6:00 am to 10:00 am, all year round program. It provides breakfast,coffee, showers, a mailing address, lockers,toiletries, encouragement, spiritual guidance, and hope. This program targets those without a home, currently living outdoors, but all are welcome. Breakfast is free of charge. The program runs from 6:00am til 10:00. Breakfast is served each morning following our daily Bible devotion from 7:00 until 8:00. Both Men and Women are welcome.
Our OVERNIGHT SHELTER provide code blue sleeping accommodations in the colder months of the year from OCTOBER 15th to APRIL 15th ONLY. Cots are provided along with pillows and blankets. We offer overnight shelter for both men and women. There are currently no accommodations for families or minors. We also provide, free of charge ; showers, a place to receive mail, lockers (when available), toiletries, both breakfast (7:00am) and supper (6:00pm), and laundry (one outfit only!), encouragement, spirit guidance and hope! Those who wish to sleep overnight should arrive early to assure you get a cot (first come,first served). Plan to have supper with us at 6:00.No admittance after 10:00pm. Please bring ID. DO NOT COME IF YOU ARE DRUNK OR HIGH.



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